Rayleigh Camera Club


Brian Eyers Monochrome digital image competition

This monochrome digital image competition is held annually with no set subject and is open to all members irrespective of their experience.

Club Competitions

Throughout the year we run a series of print and digital image competitions, with the entrants being awarded points. The highest accumulated points scorer is awarded a cup at the end of the year. Other cups are awarded for success in the Landscape and Portrait competitions. All these competitions have two entry levels of intermediate and advanced.

Competition Rules

Rules for club competitions can be found in the attached document Competition Rules

Rules for the 3 in 1 competitions can be found here Panel Competition Rules

Print Competition entry form Print Entry Form

Preparing digital images for competitions preparing digital images

PAGB rules for external competitions
See the attached document regarding revised Nature Definition to replace the FIAP definition for all PAGB events. PAGB Nature Competition Rules